Myths, legends, even traces of antiquity are waiting to be discovered by visitors to Belogradchik, a small town situated at the foot of the Balkan Mountains in northwestern Bulgaria. Belogradchik is located on the lands of Triballi and their rich history has given birth to many myths and traditions.


Крепост Калето

The fortress "Kaleto"

Belogradchik fortress "Kaleto" is one of the best preserved in the country. Using natural inaccessibility of the rocks in I-III century Romans used this fortress to guard the strategic roads that cross the area.


The Rocks


Belogradchik Rocks - this rocky fairytale extends (from west to east) of Vedernik around Belogradchik village Borovitza, near the village Belotintsi. The area is long 30 km and 3 km wide. Many of the rocks are associated with interesting legends.


Magura Cave

"Magura" cave is located at the foot of Rabishka mound just 25 km. from Belogradchik. The height of the mound reaches 461 meters and at 80 meters below this point is hidden, barely visible the cave entrance. The total length of the cave is about 3,000 meters, of which 1400 meters are well laid. The temperature varies between 12.2 to 12.9 ° C in all seasons of the year. The most precious legacy of the former occupants of the Magura, are the cave paintings for which primitive painters have used bat guano and red clay. Nearly 700 paintings make the cave unique in Southeastern Europe. These are the only of its kind preserved to today works of art from the Bronze Age and are older than 3000 years.

Пещера Магура


The main restaurant of the hotel "Skalite" impresses with its elegant and cozy environment with exquisite


Panoramic bar

The bar offers a spectacular view of the unique Belogradchik rocks



Summer Garden

Surrounded by greenery, in the warm season of the year, you can enjoy pleasant moments spent


Night club

Nightclub ''Skalite" has a capacity of 120 seats. The club offers a cozy environment combined with